P36 Saddle Washers

P36 saddle washers solve a variety of problems in numerous applications including:

  • Noise Control
  • High Winds

Aztec’s unique P36 saddle washer products are designed to provide a permanent seal in a wide variety of applications, including:

  • Metal roofs and siding where the expansion and contraction of metal require a permanent resilient seal.

The P36 saddle washer is used for fastening of roof coverings in conjunction with either screws or bolts. It is used as a crown fixing and is therefore placed on top of the corrugations or ribs. The P36 saddle washer has the shape that fits the profile of the roof covering. The P36 saddle washers consist of backing material which usually is steel or aluminum and facing material which has to be very elastic and has good sealing capabilities.

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  • P36 Saddle Washers

    P36 Saddle Washers

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